Often, as one is strolling through the supermarket one finds rather bizarre claims on labels. That is of course assuming you are not in a hurry and have the time to read the labels.

Professor David Colquhoun coined the excellent description of nutri-bullocks with regard to products with exaggerated or just plain daft claims about them.

This week’s product is Golden Lay eggs as recommended by our friend Patrick Holford.  Now they are rich in omega 3 due to the seeds the chickens have been fed on. The label is that the best sources of omega 3 are oily fish, but that lots of people don’t know how to cook mackerel.

Now let me give our friends at Golden Lay a basic cookery lesson. Turn the grill on your oven to a moderate setting. Place a mackerel fillet under the grill and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Then turn it over and do the over side.  While this is happening spread a slice of rye bread with a thin scrape of margarine. Place the fillet on top and serve with some lettuce and tomatoes.

There you have it – omega 3, fresh vegetables and a portion of wholegrain. Not to difficult ehhh readers?



One Response to “NUTRI-BULLOCKS OF THE WEEK – 17 JUNE 2008”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    But, but, it has to be more complicated than that. And, if it isn’t, it’s got to be more convenient to take a pill. What do you mean that you were going to eat anyway so this seems to kill two birds with one stone?

    Some people – just has to simplify everything.

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