Optimum Nutrition Down a Mine!

We have been off on holiday for a few days readers. Have you missed us? Possibly you have not noticed we have been gone?

We have been cycling up and down hills and alongside meandering rivers, meadows and streams. Can you guess where we have been? Yes, that’s right The Wye Valley. We did hope to stay in touch with you all, but alas the internet connection was down at Chepstow library and it was impossible to get a signal on our mobile ‘phone. “Still,” we thought to ourselves, “there may be no internet, but at least there are no nutrition therapists.” Unfortunately, this was not the case as we soon saw a sign advertising the services of Chepstow Natural Health Clinic which was apparently established in 1992: http://www.m-cnhc.co.uk/chepstow/therapy.php?therapy=allergy.php Little wonder I suppose given that the place is under the dominion of his Royal Quackness, the Prince of Wales.

Some of you may be screaming that you can’t afford a holiday and that is a credit crunch on. In these rather tough times you need to be a complementary therapist with fees of £70 an hour before you can afford to travel away to exotic locations. Well, we have to confess to being really poor ourselves so we bought ourselves a saver advanced rail fare from Basingstoke to Chepstow. We have also been re-discovering the joys of youth hostelling. Did you know you can use them without being young or having any children with you? So for the princely sum of £16 a night we were able to stay at an ancient royal hunting lodge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Briavels

It was great fun visiting Tintern Abbey – a medieval structure in ruins and without a roof. The place seemed like an apt metaphor for the philosophy of Patrick Holford and his chums: http://www.cadw.wales.gov.uk/default.asp?id=6&PlaceID=132

The most exciting part of the trip was visiting Clearwell Mine, an iron ore mine in the heart of The Royal Forest of Dean. The mine had a tea room attached offering a fresh smoothie to help you reach your five-a-day. It seemed like too good an opportunity to miss as my only previous encounters with Smoothies have been via Sainsbury’s! It was a truly refreshing experience. I now know why miners were so full of energy and able to get through the day. They just popped in to the tea room and ordered themselves a smoothie.

Further down the mine things did not look so good on the nutritional front. Apparently, they would take a flask of cold tea down with them with lots of sugar in it. As we know from Optimum for the Mind sugar makes you crazy. Perhaps that is why the crazy old miner Aneurin Bevan decided to set up the NHS? The establishment of the NHS meant there was considerable less demand for quack remedies in working class communities. That might be why some therapists hate the NHS so much. The tea was without milk. You may think that would lead to a calcium deficiency. It most certainly did not as once the tea ran out the miners would drink water that had filtered through the rocks in the ceiling above. For extra nourishment there was a cottage loaf. I did wonder whether it was wholemeal or not … Probably as white bread is a recent invention by pharmaceutical companies to make us ill and dependent on their products.

So as you can see readers The Wye Valley and Forest of Dean is a haven of optimum nutrition. The probable reason for this state of affairs is the fact the region is protected by ancient forests, woods and rivers. Look on a map and you will see that no motorway passes through the area. How uncanny and mysterious?

Unfortunately, supermarkets selling white bread have started appearing in Chepstow, Monmouth and Coleford. You know what the area needs. Yes, that’s right a Dip ION!


One Response to “Optimum Nutrition Down a Mine!”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    The tea was without milk. You may think that would lead to a calcium deficiency. It most certainly did not as once the tea ran out the miners would drink water that had filtered through the rocks in the ceiling above.

    Apparently, there is some back and forth as to whether tea without milk is richer in polyphenols (this says no, other researchers say yes).

    That sounds like a very healthy and enjoyable break – and yes, that is par for the course the internet access in Wales.

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