Experiencing Allopathic Medicine First Hand

You may be wondering why I have not be around for a couple of weeks. Well, rather than just writing about so-called allopathic medicine I thought I would try it out first hand.

For many years I have often felt tired, a little bit unwell and sometimes rather down.  As anyone who has ever filled out a Patrick Holford questionnaire will know the previous sentence proves that I was seriously unwell.  Moreover for as long as I can remember I have had a very poor sense of smell. So, as I related in my first post, back in January 2004 I went to see one of Patrick Holford’s nutritional therapists. He prescribed me lots of pills and recommended a rather-difficult-to-follow diet.  Both the diet and pills were discarded rather quickly.

However, I still found it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  Earlier this year one of my work colleagues told me about how he had made a claim on the company health insurance policy which led to him getting a rather helpful dose of physiotherapy. So I thought to myself, “Why don’t I make a claim?”.  Back in April I went to see my GP.  He was unable to see any source of infection so referred me to an ENT consultant.

I asked her whether she thought I had an allergy.  After all everyone else has one so why not me ?!!  But no, it turned out the solution to my problems was simpler than I thought. The left and right nostrils in my nose were twisted over.  By correcting this my nasal breathing could be regulated which would possibly help me to sleep better as well.  Such a simple problem with no need to consult any quacktitioners.  The consultant recommended a septoplasty of nose and excision of trubinate of nose – whatever that means!  After several lots of forms the insurers agreed to the claim.

At 7am on Wednesday morning I turned up at the hospital and fortunately I was first in the queue for morning surgery at 8:30am.  Having an anaesthetic was less painful than my last visit 25 years ago.  They no longer gas you, but rather put the noxious substances directly in to your blood.  How civilised. By 10:30am I was back in my room. I was hoping to be released  early afternoon, but alas my nose refused to stop bleeding until 6:00pm.  Still, I suppose there are side effects to all treatments even natural ones offered by natural practitioners, but more about that another time perhaps.  The consultant came to see me just before 6:00pm. He pronounced the operation a success and said my breathing was going to get better and better over the next two months. He did not quite say a la Patrick Holford, “this procedure will add years to your life and life to your years” but the implication was there!

Currently I feel worse than when I went in. I am very tired and my nose feels extremely sore.  Perhaps I should take some chamomile tea and evening primrose oil to help me out …..? Then when I get better I can offer myself as proof that chamomile works. Think of the TV tie ins and books to be written.


3 Responses to “Experiencing Allopathic Medicine First Hand”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery, Lee. Plus, I hope that with the reduced hyposmia some foods will taste better than previously.

  2. natren Says:

    Just some holistic thoughts for you: Dairy increases mucous production, and in doing so, can reduce your sense of smell. Try avoiding all dairy for a while and see if that helps. Also, for the colon issues you mention, have you tried an excellent probiotic, like Natren’s Healthy Trinity? Probiotics help to alleviate any intestinal inflammation. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. LeeT Says:

    Natren, thank you for your best wishes.

    I did ask the consultant whether he thought I had an allergy problem. He recommended surgery which is why I went ahead with it. The main issue was my irregular breathing not the poor sense of smell – that was just a sympton of the underlying problem. Interestingly, alternative therapists will say that so-called allopathic doctors only treat the symptons and not the causes.

    No, I shall not be avoiding dairy. They are a good souce of calcium and protein in my diet particularly as I do not eat much meat.

    Regarding probiotics I do not see the need to take any as I do not have any colon or digestive issues. You can see a summary of the British Dietetic Association’s evidence regarding probiotics here: http://www.bda.uk.com/foodfacts/0710-08probiotics.pdf

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