An Evening with ex-professor Holford

Well I said I would do it and now I have done it.

Yes, that’s right I have paid £15 to attend a book promotion umm … I mean an academic seminar with ex-professor Patrick Holford. It had better be good that’s all I am saying.  If anyone is free next Thursday evening and is in London perhaps they would like to join me.  I am quite excited about it all!!


2 Responses to “An Evening with ex-professor Holford”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    You will be reporting back, with notes? I can’t wait to hear more about addiction mongering – now that we know that sugar addiction can be as bad as heroin addiction but that all addictions are amenable to supplements and IV preparations.

  2. LeeT Says:

    Yes, I certainly have plenty of notes and leaflets. I also have – yes you guessed it – a questionnaire to help me detirmine where I am deficient.

    Rather disappointingly there no question and answer session at the end of the evening. So I went up to the front and caught up with the man himself. In our short five minute conversation he said rather a lot – enough material for a blog post in itself!

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