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Food Doctor Bagels – Are they Kosher?

June 14, 2009

Sometimes people ask whether I can think of anything positive to say about Patrick Holford and the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining as they say and I have to confess to having been a real fan of The Food Doctor’s bagels.  Though something happened to them about three months ago.  They and the pitta bread seemed to disappear.  It was impossible to find them in Wales and when I went to England on a visit I could not find them there either.  Relecutantly, I slowly started to consider that I might have to find another type of bagel.

However, last week there they were in my local Tesco.  So with joy I bought a packet of pitta bread and bagels!  But there seemed to be something a bit different about them.  The bagels I was familiar with had the letters KLBD on them meaning, of course, that they had been certified by the Kashrut division of the London Beit Din.  Have they lost their kosher certification?  Also, if I remember correctly the sodium contact of the old bagels was .23 or .26g.  However, the new ones have 0.3g which should mean – according to my copy of Nutrition for Dummies – that the salt content is .75g.  (To calculate salt content you multimply the sodium content by 2.5)  However, they list the salt content as 0.9g.  Is something nutritionally strange going on here or can some one just not add up?

I’ll try to give them a call later in the week about the salt content and kosher certification.  Until then I’ll be buying The New York Bakery Co’s multi-seed bagels which come in packs of five rather than four, have 0.8g of salt and are 5p a pack a cheaper.


Cycling in the Rhondda Valley

June 14, 2009

Last year I did a post on some research at the University of Cambridge that proved exercise and healthy eating could lead to a long life.  It was the theme of Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science that celebrity nutritionists often unnecessarily complicate things with their attempts to make us eat so-called super foods and go on expensive detox diets.

By making little changes over the long term we can lead healthier lives.

Having recently moved to a new area I wondered how I could that in to opertion in my own life.  As luck would have it there was poster in Pontypridd library advertising a Sunday morning cycle ride organised by the local council.  So earlier this morning I cycled up to the Rhondda Heritage Park.  It was closer than I thought so, for once, I was early.  I took the opportunity to have a look at the exhibition inside.  It told the story of how difficult life was miners in the 19 and 20th centuries.  Certainly it was difficult to see what good a detox diet would have done.  Archie Cochrane’s autobiography “One Man’s Medicine” tells the story of how his interest in evidence-based medicine began in the Rhondda.

People started to arrive at the heritage park. For just £1.50 you could hire a bicycle and helmet for the ride.  For the next two hours  we were taken up and down hills and tracks.  It seemed an excellent way to meet new people and also get fit.  (As you know from one of my previous posts I am always very keen to meet new people!)  The leaders provided excellent advice on how to cycle better.  Thanks to Rhondda Cynon Taff council for putting the event on.  There was even water and squash provided at the end of the ride.  Certainly I never experienced anything like that back in the south-east of England.  It seemed like a cheap and easy initiative to get people fit and healthy.

Why not see if something similar is going on in your area or try to set something up if there isn’t?

The Death of Celia Wright

June 14, 2009

Do you remember Brian and Celia Wright?  Patrick Holford mentions them in The Optimum Nutrition Bible as being a great influence on him.  They worked together for many years. Until September 2007 Brian and Celia’s company sold lots of vitamin pills with Patrick’s face on them.  In return he would market their pills through his website.    After reading Optimum Nutrition for the Mind in early 2007 I bought some pills that would enable me to have a grear memory and concentration.  Unfortunately, they did not seem to work.  Anyway, buying the products meant that ever since I have been on their mailing list.  In fact being all the mailing list meant I found out that Patrick and the Wright’s had parted company.  In October 2007  Holford Watch blog announced this to the world.  Can’t think who told them.

Every month Mrs Wright would write an editorial for the readers.  Often it was nothing to do with with nutrition.  I do remember one of human rights in modern Britain.  However, the editorial in the March or April magazine was penned by Brian for once.  He announced that Celia was ill though did not go in to much detail.  He went on to say that they were making use of alternative remedies to help with the treatment.  I was quite incensed and nearly wrote a letter of complaint.  He almost seemed to be advocating alternative medicine as a means of treating cancer.

However, I am glad I did not put my foot in it because recently the May edition of Higher Nature’s magazine arrived.  Neither Wright had any hand in the editorial, but it was written by one of their staff who informed us that Celia was no longer with us.  This came as a quite a shock to me.  It must be very sad for her immediate family, friends and the staff at Higher Nature.  I’ll certainly miss the editorials even though they often had me tut, tutting in my breakfast cereal.

May you rest in peace

The Blog is now unpacked

June 14, 2009

Hallo dear Readers!

Any welcome back.  It has been a long time and I did wonder whether I should return to blogging.

You see I have left the south-east of England with its expensive houses and crowded train for the green valleys of south Wales.

Now I could spend all my free time surfing internet dating sites in search of nutritional therapists, admiring the view from my window and exploring the river Taff. However, that would be rather selfish and superficial wouldn’t it?  As you know I am not like that.  In Buddhist mythology there are being known as Bodhisattva, who although being enlightened spiritual beings choose not to enter Nirvana, but rather return to the material plane to help others obtain enlightenment.

That so that’s what I am doing now readers. I am back with a vengeance so prepare to be enlightened ….