The Blog is now unpacked

Hallo dear Readers!

Any welcome back.  It has been a long time and I did wonder whether I should return to blogging.

You see I have left the south-east of England with its expensive houses and crowded train for the green valleys of south Wales.

Now I could spend all my free time surfing internet dating sites in search of nutritional therapists, admiring the view from my window and exploring the river Taff. However, that would be rather selfish and superficial wouldn’t it?  As you know I am not like that.  In Buddhist mythology there are being known as Bodhisattva, who although being enlightened spiritual beings choose not to enter Nirvana, but rather return to the material plane to help others obtain enlightenment.

That so that’s what I am doing now readers. I am back with a vengeance so prepare to be enlightened ….


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