The Death of Celia Wright

Do you remember Brian and Celia Wright?  Patrick Holford mentions them in The Optimum Nutrition Bible as being a great influence on him.  They worked together for many years. Until September 2007 Brian and Celia’s company sold lots of vitamin pills with Patrick’s face on them.  In return he would market their pills through his website.    After reading Optimum Nutrition for the Mind in early 2007 I bought some pills that would enable me to have a grear memory and concentration.  Unfortunately, they did not seem to work.  Anyway, buying the products meant that ever since I have been on their mailing list.  In fact being all the mailing list meant I found out that Patrick and the Wright’s had parted company.  In October 2007  Holford Watch blog announced this to the world.  Can’t think who told them.

Every month Mrs Wright would write an editorial for the readers.  Often it was nothing to do with with nutrition.  I do remember one of human rights in modern Britain.  However, the editorial in the March or April magazine was penned by Brian for once.  He announced that Celia was ill though did not go in to much detail.  He went on to say that they were making use of alternative remedies to help with the treatment.  I was quite incensed and nearly wrote a letter of complaint.  He almost seemed to be advocating alternative medicine as a means of treating cancer.

However, I am glad I did not put my foot in it because recently the May edition of Higher Nature’s magazine arrived.  Neither Wright had any hand in the editorial, but it was written by one of their staff who informed us that Celia was no longer with us.  This came as a quite a shock to me.  It must be very sad for her immediate family, friends and the staff at Higher Nature.  I’ll certainly miss the editorials even though they often had me tut, tutting in my breakfast cereal.

May you rest in peace


2 Responses to “The Death of Celia Wright”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    I’d missed that, Lee – thanks for letting us know.

  2. LeeT Says:

    I have just received an email pointing out that the surname of the founders of Higher Nature is “Wright” and not “Wilson.”

    Apologies for the confusion.

    Here is a link to her obituary. She certainly led a varied life, though no mention of the Wright’s partnership with Patrick Holford.

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