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Listening to David Colquhoun and The Little Black Duck

January 14, 2009

At Through a Glass Darkly we have managed to persuade two prominent Bad Science bloggers to deliver a talk. Well, they did not need much persuading. We just asked them and they said “yes.” Do you remember how I told you how we attended a seminar with ex-professor Patrick Holford? That cost £15 a head and there must have been more than 200 people there. You would have thought that it would cost at least £50 to listen to a talk with David Colquhoun and The Little Black Duck. But no there is no charge. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

There are about £100 of costs to cover so we hope you will consider donating at least £5 if you can afford to do so, particularly as all profit will be donated to The Treatment Action Campaign – a South African charity that campaigns for evidence-based treatments for those with AIDS.

The talk will take place at Oxford Town Hall on the afternoon of Saturday 07 February 2009 at 1415h. David will be advising on “How to Detect when Some One is talking Bull****” No doubt the Little Black Duck will be able to tell us about some of the strange characters he has encountered …

If you are able to be around in the morning we will happily give you our Oxford: Home of Lost Causes tour. Why not travel down on Friday evening if you live far way? There is a youth hostel next to Oxford Railway station and you don’t have to be a youth to stay there.

We look forward to seeing you at Oxford Town Hall on 07 February ..